Our Philosophy

and how we work as a team

We appreciate what a unique experience each birth is for each woman.  We believe a doula has the emotional wellbeing of the birthing family in mind through the entire process of labor and postpartum.  She helps them prepare ahead of time, but ultimately is a physical presence there with them, protecting the emotional space, bringing calm and reassurance.

The miracle of birth is something to hold dear. We are always honored to be invited to that intimate time between parents and baby, and look forward to being able to provide unconditional emotional, informational, and physical support no matter what your choices or birth preferences are.

As your doula team we both meet with you for a consultation, then if you hire us we both attend the prenatal meetings so we can each develop a relationship with you and understand what your birth preferences are.  When your due time nears we will give you a call schedule so you will know which of us is "on call" for each week.  Only the doula on call will attend your birth and your postpartum follow up.

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