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Reclaim your body's wisdom for birth!
Birth Prep for you and your partner with the
Body Ready Birth Workshop

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Getting ready for birth?

We‘ve lost our natural birthing instincts. 

We’ve medicalized a physiological process that your body was designed for. 

Medical interventions have their place and are responsible for saving many lives, but they’ve become overused and routine when birth is not going smoothly. 

Often something as simple as a change of position can be enough to get labor going again, but many medical providers and birthing people just don’t know this anymore. 

But so much of what we now do on a daily basis is not helping your body be ready to give birth.

Our ancestors were all about squatting, walking and moving their bodies in ways we don’t do much of  today. In fact, most of us only squat when a workout tells us to ? (if that!).

Help your body remember what it was designed for with Body Ready Birth

  • Knowledge of birthing positions and techniques to help labor progress smoothly and effectively.

  • Total confidence going into birth with the wisdom of what to do, when and why.

  • Open your pelvis at all 3 levels so you can get into a position that works for you and your baby wherever they are. 

  • Create brain to muscle pathways that help you intuitively know how to move and access each level of your pelvis on demand.

  • Increase connection with your partner using hands-on comfort techniques that involve them and support you.

  • Experience birthing positions before labor

You deserve your best possible birth experience, and there’s so much you can do to prepare for that!

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