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                        Hi! We're Laurie and Tina, your doula team at                                         Seasons of Birth

                                   Between the two of us we have almost 20 years of working with expecting and new families                               in the Sacramento area.  Not to mention 12 children and 13 grandchildren of our own!

We appreciate what a unique experience each birth is for each woman.  We believe a doula has the emotional wellbeing of the birthing family in mind through the entire process of labor and postpartum.  She helps them prepare ahead of time, but ultimately is a physical presence there with them, protecting the emotional space, bringing calm and reassurance.

​Birth is a miracle!  We are always honored to be invited to that intimate time between parents and baby, and look forward to being able to provide unconditional emotional, informational, and physical support no matter what your choices or birth preferences are.

As your doula team we both meet with you for a consultation.  We both attend the prenatal visits, enabling us to develop a relationship with you and understand what your birth preferences are. This gives you the knowledge and support from two experienced doulas and provides a built in back up if one is needed.  We have completed various trainings and certifications that keep us learning!  Read more about us here.

What is a doula?


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A doula is a trained, experienced professional who provides physical, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  She follows the lead of the birthing family, offers evidence based information, and supports them in their choices.  Not only does she support the birthing person, but also gives the partner confidence and encouragement throughout the birth process allowing them to be fully present for the birth of their family.

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Why hire a doula?


A doula is a valuable, evidence based member of the birth team!

  • Doulas increase satisfaction with the birth experience

  • Doulas increase the chance of having a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Doulas shorten labor

  • Doulas decrease the use of pitocin to augment labor

  • Doulas decrease the use of medication for pain relief

  • Doulas decrease the chance of baby having a low Apgar score at 5 minutes

  • Doulas decrease the risk of cesarean (13% vs 25%)

There are NO risks or negative outcomes associated with having a doula!

See Evidence Based Birth® for more details

"Every day with our little boy has been life-changing, and we have you both to thank for helping us navigate through a positive, mindful, spiritual, and comforting birth experience leading to this outcome." ~Jane

"Thank you for all the support in the arrival of ALL 3 kids!" ~Celeste

"Thank you for your endless support during my last two pregnancies and labors.  You have an unquestionable intuition surrounding birth.  I'll be forever grateful for your leadership when I needed you most." ~Sara

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