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Placenta Encapsulation
Service only available to Birth Clients


Placenta Encapsulation 

Women have reported experiencing the following:

  • Help in balancing hormones 

  • Replenishing depleted iron levels 

  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state 

  • Reduce post-natal bleeding  

  • A happier, more enjoyable post-natal period 

  • Increase energy levels 

  • Baby blues can affect up to 80% of women within the first week of birth. 

  • Women who consume their placenta report fewer emotional issues and a more enjoyable postpartum.

note: The benefits of placenta encapsulation have not been proven by research.  Only anecdotal information is available.  

Learn more about placenta encapsulation

Fee for Placenta Encapsulation for Birth Client is $200

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