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Advanced Doula Mentorship

    in the Sacramento area

You have completed your doula training.  They provided you with wonderful information and beautiful stories of birth, but now what? What about interviews, prenatals, and doula burnout?

Maybe you feel you don't have the confidence yet to pursue your dream.

Gain new skills, learn techniques, and build your doula confidence with our mentorship program.

Our program consists of an individualized mentorship,  tuned to your specific desires. It is a 2 month program that includes bi-monthly meetings, text and phone support, and opportunities to attend and observe prenatal, birth, and postpartum visits with mentors.  You're also invited to join our Facebook group offering continuing support, education, and encouragement throughout your doula career.

Some of the topics we discuss in depth are :

  • What does a consultation look like

  • What to cover in your prenatal visits

  • What to discuss in postpartum visits

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • Belly Casting

  • Boundaries and burnout

  • Area hospital facts-What is available in each hospital for pain relief

  • TENS unit for labor

  • Spinning babies techniques

  • Comfort cloth for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Laurie and Tina have 10 years of experience working as doulas in the Sacramento area.  Tina has been a mentor doula at Sutter Davis Birthing Center for 8 years, and was one of the co directors of Welcome Home Doula Services, a non-profit agency in Sacramento that trained and mentored new doulas to serve in our community.  

Laurie is also a mentor doula at Sutter Davis Birthing Center and an Evidence Based Birth® instructor. She has a heart for training other birth professionals in labor comfort techniques.

We are both trained in using the Rebozo and Spinning Babies techniques.

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Our Graduates!

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Looking for a great doula?  Check these out!

Kim Stalians  
Kristina Claybourne
Francesca Stenard
Kristina Jaramillo
Crista Martinez
Rachael Ferguson
Camille Hankins

        (After our first meeting)"Thank you for yesterday.  That was EXACTLY what I needed!  I'll feel 100% confident going to my next consult.  I can't tell you how helpful this mentor program is for me.  SO glad I got in when I did, perfect timing."

        (After the last meeting) "It exceeded my expectations. I have grown so much in this mentorship and will miss it greatly. My business has increased and I've added several more services as options for my clients."  ~Kim

"I cannot thank you enough for the confidence you have instilled in me.  You made me realize that I had the potential for success within me the whole time.  You just helped bring it out.  This class should be mandatory for any new doula in the area who has just finished their doula training.  When I left my training I didn't feel prepared to walk out into the world and call myself a doula.  After my time with you, I will say it loud and proud!" ~Francesca

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